WordPress Triks

WordPress promote plugin websites first

WordPress is considering a plugin-first approach that promises faster core development, but some are skeptical. Matt Mullenweg, WordPress developer and ...
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12 WordPress Site Setups for SEO Success

Do you want to set up your WordPress site for better traffic and higher rankings? Be sure to follow these ...
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WordPress 6.1 makes your website even faster

WordPress 6.1, arriving in November 2022, is packed with performance updates, some of which are said to be massive improvements ...
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Implement webtorrent into a WordPress site

implement webtorrent into a WordPress site What is WebTorrent? WebTorrent is a torrent technology that allows you to download, upload ...
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How to Choose the Best Webhosting Company

How to Choose the Best Webhosting Company When evaluating webhosting companies, you need to pay attention to the datacenter locations ...
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