Google Search Console Insights adds GA4 properties

Google Search Console Insights now supports Google Analytics 4 properties, giving you access to more data.


In a recently rolled out update, Google is addressing a limitation of Google Analytics 4 (GA4) properties by making them compatible with Search Console Insights.



📢 Have a GA4 property but couldn’t use it with Search Console Insights? Now you can! We are rolling out GA4 support, check it out! 🧑‍💻



📢 Have a GA4 property but can’t use it with Search Console Insights? Now it is possible! We are rolling out GA4 support, check it out! 🧑‍💻

By combining data from Search Console and Google Analytics, Console Insights provides a full description how people discover your content on the web.

Starting in June 2021, Search Console Insights only supports Universal Analytics (UA) properties. If all you have are GA4 properties, your “Insights” section in Search Console would have been pretty simple.


However, it was a matter of time before GA4 support was added, as Google will finalize UA properties next year.


How to visit Google Search Console Insights?

There are different ways to access Search Console Insights. You can access it through:

  1. A “Search Console Insights” link at the top of the overview page.
  2. From the navigation menu of the Google mobile application.
  3. Search Google for a query that your site ranks for.

Search Console Insights can be accessed without Google Analytics, although linking the two will give you a larger amount of data.

Analyze data in Search Console Insights

Google created Google Search Console Insights to provide insight into content performance over the past few weeks. It only shows Google Analytics data from the last 28 days, which is sometimes compared to the previous 28-day period.


That said, it’s worth checking GSC Insights regularly as the data is updated frequently.

If you have a GA4 property and don’t see any data in the Statistics section after today’s update, here are some reasons:


  • Your Google Search Console property is not associated with a Google Analytics property.
  • You do not have sufficient permissions in Google Analytics.
  • You have selected the wrong Google Analytics view in Google Search Console.

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