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7 Best Places to Buy and Sell Online Businesses for Sale (2022)

Businesses on sale, Business brokers how to flipp your business online.

Starting an online business can be hard work and it can take a long time to establish some authority in the business niche that you have chosen. there are also several factors that you must take into consideration such as knowing your competitors, and positioning yourself on the market place, building your brand. those things need skills and time. These reasons have created a need which is: can we buy an online business already installed, with good traffic and which is already generating profits and minimizing risks? the answer is yes you can and there are many market place where you can buy and sell businesses online like blogs,ecommerce websites,saas ,apps and even startups..etc.

Finding A Broker

This is an optional step (but strongly suggested). It is possible to engage a business broker or third party to help sell your site and ensure you get the most value for your money. Another option is to put your business for sale on websites like Flippa however this will require you doing the bulk of the tasks.

3. Online Business Evaluation

If you decide to sell your website through and without broker you’ll need an appraisal that will assess how valuable your online business is. Some mergers and acquisitions businesses (M&As) offer no-cost valuation services that could make a huge difference in time. Flippa provides the no-cost valuation program available for use.


Flippa is one of the oldest marketplace designed to buy and sell business online. it’s provides you valuable tools to help you close your first successful purchase.

you can navigate through hundreds of offers and use multiple criteria filters such as price,location, type of business.

Every buyer and seller are verified by Flippa so you can deal and build relationships with confidence.

  • Verification Provides an internal verification staff to check 1000s of listings per month.
  • Integrated Metrics Integrated information and metrics provided directly from the sources like Shopify, Stripe, WooCommerce, Quickbooks Online, Google Analytics and many more.
  • Due Diligence Provides an due diligence team that can assist you in closing deals in a safe and secure manner.
  • Escrow:Access to direct payment is offered along with Escrow.
  • Related MatchingEnsures an accurate match through its engine that is powered by machine learning as well as Artificial Intelligence.
  • Pricing that is competitive:Provides market-leading pricing that comes with a very low success fee, which leads to savings of thousands of dollars.
  • Value:Provides intelligent valuation of listings using different algorithms and models, and also comparing different sales from the past.
  • Service:Other options include authentic buyers and sellers multi-currency support as well as verified buyers of funds and more.


  • Simple-to-use interface that allows for easy navigation.
  • There are no restrictions on price on the listing allow business buyers or business brokers to buy and sell for any amount.
  • Very low success rates.


A prime target for fraudsters.

 Empire Flippers

Empire Flippers has become in few years one of the main marketplace for buyer and sellers it’s offers an escrow services and mush more other supports and tools to help you close the deal and sell businesses.

We’ve heard positive reports about their reputation in checking websites on their marketplace. This means you’ll deal with real customers and vendors when using their services.

Selling and buying websites using Empire Flippers is free, however, they charge one percent of the value of the sale to cover fees for escrow accounts.

There are some excellent sales taking place on the website right now and include this stunning ecommerce store that offers exclusive furniture pieces. Empire Flippers is the go-to site for selling and buying established online companies.

With more than 20,000 customers and over $40 millions in revenue, they’re considered to be among the best-known brands in the world of e-commerce. From start-ups to big companies, Empire Flippers has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs purchase sell, invest, and buy in online businesses and websites.

If you’re trying to sell or buy an online business Empire Flippers can help you locate a business that is suited to your needs and budget.


We have a wide range of additional features that can aid you in finding the right company for sale, and to help you sell your app or website quickly, securely and efficiently. Are you looking for a website or an app? Our advanced search engine lets you search businesses that are for sale based on price and category, helping you locate exactly what you’re looking for.

Are you selling your website? Our listing service is free and lets you add all the information about your business for sale no cost. Additionally, we are able to handle the sale of your company through our marketplace, allowing your business maximum exposure to potential buyers all over the world.


The only place I would suggest for selling your site that receives a lot of traffic and generates an enormous amount of profits. Empire Flippers is the best option available.

My opinion is that at least I haven’t had a negative experience with these services. They are the best source for selling and buying websites and apps with a turnover of more than $50,000 each year.

A huge buyer pool. The easiest method to sell your site High-quality buyers.

The most effective method to sell your site. The most reliable online broker to buy and sell websites.

No upfront charges or listing costs to promote your site. You can inform them of what you’re seeking in a buyer and they’ll work towards finding the person.

There is an escrow account , so they will hold the funds until you have closed the deal. Empire Flippers helps with all documents that need to be completed in order to close your profitable deal, including NDA’s as well as transfer documents.

Shopify Exchange

Shopify Exchange is another important platform for flipping online businesses. this platform brings you a tool that calculate and evaluate your business.

it has a simple and safety transfert payment in three simple steps.

  • Features:
    • Valuation: Valuation pricing is calculated using the data from sales, owner-reported data as well as market trends.
    • Communications: Secure communications service is available on the platform to buyers and sellers.
    • Escrow In the case of Escrow payments are made.
    • Security: Secure store transfer in which the buyer gets the store while the seller gets the money via Escrow.
    • Listing categories: These include listings classified under industries, business type, location and curated sales channels and many more.
    • Buyer’s Guide: A no-cost buyer’s guide can aid buyers in locating the right buyer, evaluating and closing the deal.
  • Pros:
    • Secured transactions through Escrow.
    • A wide range of stores you are able to sell.
    • The process of automatic listing helps to improve the efficient use of time.
  • Cons:
    • More opportunities to manipulate business metrics.



BizBuySell claims its website is the largest online marketplace for sale. It offers an option to buy or choose the franchise. It also helps you for purchasing a profitable company, get a loan or other financial services. Find businesses by categories or by country. Find the best franchises based on type, state and investment amount. One useful aspect of this tool has to be the ability to locate businesses nearby. What should you know about the franchises? Please submit this form to our supplier partners for contact on your specific requirements. Contact us now for a free consultation.


Loop Network offers a wide range of listings to discover businesses in almost every state. The company offers a web app through Google Play or the app store for users looking for businesses and entrepreneurial opportunities, enabling them to search through a range of business options and purchasing there dream business . LoopNet works together with numerous commercial real estate companies including Century 21, Cushman & Wakefield, CBRE, SSN and RE/MAX Commercial. Sellers may list their property on their website for sale.


BizQuest gives customers a list of state and city landmarks for sale and restaurants. It also carries rewards for the seller such as ad spots on its partner site, The Washington Times. BizQuest helps you find a broker to find businesses. Tell me about the process of launching restaurants? You should include a kitchen décor checklist including table and chair set-up, and an POS system to help with checkouts and inventory. Find out how you can start your own restaurant.

Franchise Gator

Franchise Gator offers only new franchise options, but the site contains many more listings. Find franchises by location, industry, category, investment amount, and top franchises. Potential entrepreneurs may also register for the Franchise Gator Newsletter, which contains helpful tips to start your franchise business. For business owners looking to start up franchise businesses, it is critical to understand the specific details of franchise agreements.


The website provides information and resources to assist businesses with their financial needs. You can look by place, business, or franchise by capital availability. In the case of sellers businessmarket.com offers ads reaching thousands of people. The website enables buyers and businesses to request quote services such as phone systems or the best credit card processing services that are important for the growth of their companies.


Currently the database is comprised of about 20,000 business owners. Search businesses or franchises, find a business broker, and look at listings in industries or by region. BusinessesBroker also offers financial advice to help you with your decision on which small business loan you’re interested in.


BusinessesForSale.com currently lists over 59,000 companies across the globe, including franchisees. The best business sector for you to locate is by location or business requirement. BusinessforSale.com has features specializing in business accounting, finance , and tax advice.

DealStream (formerly MergerNetwork)

DealStream over 200 listings of investment opportunities it’s gives you a large freedom when it’s come to buy your own business. you can choose a broker to guide you through the process and create your free ads to grab some interested buyers.


Is it profitable to be a reseller?

A business that is a reseller is a lucrative venture when you know your target market and the products you sell. Based on the niche you are in you could purchase items used in second-hand stores and sell them for a substantial price.

Where do resellers find their goods?

Resellers purchase stocks from various sources, such as wholesalers, liquidators, second-hand stores and even estate sales held locally.

How much will it cost to get started Reselling?

The process of starting a business in reselling is surprisingly inexpensive all you require is a supply of secondhand or discounted items and an online store that allows you to sell your items to your waiting customers.

Is it illegal to be a reseller?

If you adhere to your local taxes and get all permits required, operating an online business as a reseller is legal. When you purchase an item you own it and can resell it at any time and to anyone you want.


if you have a descent budget to invest in online businesses purchasing an existing business already valuable with clients and and worth is a good choice.


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